You're wondering about your second trimester abortion options.

Abortion options for second trimester pregnancy are surgical abortion and medical abortion. We always keep your information confidential.

Surgical Abortion – After 12 Weeks

If you’re more than 12 weeks pregnant, surgical abortion is a type of abortion that could be available. (The abortion pill probably isn’t an option because of the length of the pregnancy.)

Surgical abortion is a surgical procedure by a doctor to end a pregnancy. Surgical abortion does require anesthesia.

Depending on the circumstances, a surgical abortion can cost somewhat more than a medical abortion. Also, it usually requires more than one doctor visit.

The type of surgical abortion available after 12 weeks is usually called dilation and evacuation. It’s also known as a D&E. Costs can vary depending on a lot of factors.

Learn more about D&E by calling our clinic to talk with someone. Scheduling an appointment to learn more about abortion options is quick and easy.


Abortion by Labor Induction – After 16 Weeks

If you’re more than 16 weeks pregnant, you may be considering medical abortion by labor induction.

Abortion by labor induction isn’t surgical. This type of abortion is like going through the process of giving birth. You would be induced to labor and delivery with staff assistance.

Abortion by labor induction is usually available after 16 weeks. It can require a few doctor visits and an appointment for labor induction under medical supervision.

Find out more details about abortion by labor induction by calling our clinic to talk with a licensed medical professional.